Maximize the warehouse cube while keeping aisle space and budgets to a minimum

Drive-in racks allow vehicles to enter the storage area to place pallets in a back‑to‑front arrangement. This first in, last out inventory management design requires the operator to back out of the rack after pallet placement. Drive-in systems can also feature double-entry design, for greater density.

Drive-thru racks have two access aisles for loading and retrieval. Lift trucks can pass through the rack bay, placing loads on supporting rails from one side, and exit in the same direction. Drive-through racks are more suited for first in, first out inventory movement.

SpaceRAK drive-in and drive-through racks feature:

  • Hardware included for simple installation
  • Available in roll-formed or structural channel steel
  • Available in single- or double-entry design
  • Recommended up to ten deep per side
  • Arms are tapered structural angle for clearance and strength
  • Entry frames can be enhanced with offset or kant-back style bases
  • Floor-mount guide angle or rack mounted rub rails for in-bay protection and vehicle guidance
    • Load rails

~ Structural angle rails in 3/16” or 3/4”

~ Column sections in 14 ga or 13 ga

~ Top-mounted to arms

  • Top ties included for heavier duty systems
  • Rail support beams included for rear position of all drive-in systems
  • Horizontal and vertical X-bracing supplied as needed per design requirements and local codes